Two new superstar releases and the return of an Oscar winning song hit the Z this week!

After a week long take over of James Corden's late night talk show on CBS, which included a Carpool Karaoke segment, the Jonas Brothers came roaring back to the pop charts after a very long hiatus, with a fun and catchy tune called "Sucker" It playing now on Z-107.3

Ariana Grande's domination of the music scene continues. She currently has two songs in the Top 5, so why not release another one? "Breakup With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" looks like another chart topper.

After winning the Oscar last month for Best Original Song, "Shallow" from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper is making a nice little comeback on the radio. It's re-entered the pop chart and "A Star Is Born" continues to do boffo box office numbers. The video has racked up an impressive 394 million views on YouTube

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