Warm spring weather brings hot new jams on the Z!

Spring arrived in Maine on Saturday, and it delivered instantly with two beautiful, sun filled days over the weekend, so that has everyone in a good mood, and it seems like the perfect time for three music superstars to put out new tunes.

Justin Bieber has dropped the music video for “Peaches,” which is yet another release from his forthcoming album "Justice". The Biebs has been very prolific in 2021, with several hit singles to his credit. The video features Bieber and his bros cruising the strip in his car. He is also wearing a rather snazzy peach colored suit.

"POV" is the third single from her sixth studio album "Positions" "POV" is a mellow R&B ballad that contains cello and viola.

After causing quite a controversy at the Grammys a week ago, Cardi B. is back with "Up" The hip-hop track debuted at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, marking the highest debut for a solo female rap song since Lauryn Hill's "Doo Wop (That Thing)" in 1998. By the way, if you watch the video, be warned that it feature some raunchy, NSFW lyrics. It is Cardi B. after all!

"Astronaut in the Ocean" is a song by Australian rapper Masked Wolf. This is yet another song that blew up on social media and was being used in a variety of TikTok clips. It has reached over 32 million streams on Spotify.

Masked Wolf revealed that the lyrics touch on mental depression, and how he was stuck in a place of anxiety and feeling low. The song provides insight into his mental state at the time.

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