Fresh new jams are now trending on Z-107.3!

Been pretty quiet on the Maroon 5 front, especially since Adam Levine left his chair as a judge on The Voice, but finally some new music is here. Surprisingly, it's a slow temp song, but it's really good! "Memories" makes it's debuts on Z-107.3 this week.

Niall Horan is back after a long hiatus with a very cool new tune called "Nice To Meet Ya" After just 9 hours, the video for the song racked up a half million views!

Pop & Country collaborations are nothing new, Zedd hooked with Marren Morris, Florida-Georiga Line had a big hit with Bebe Rexha, and now Marshmellow and country crooner Kane Brown have released the track, "One Thing Right" which is fresh Z music this week!

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