With 2 charting singles, 'Sucker' and 'Cool', new marriages and a new tour announced in the last month, it would seem the Jonas Brothers' train to renewed success has no plans to slow down anytime soon. So the announcement that a new Amazon Prime Documentary: The Jonas Brothers' Chasing Happiness, which chronicles their initial split and now their reunion, will be coming out next month is no real surprise, and will likely only add fuel to their fire!

If last weekend's appearance on SNL as musical guests, was any indication, the boys seem to be enjoying their second circle 'round the track with a little more ease. They were all laughs and smiles and brotherly fist-bumps. It would seem some time apart has done this family good.

The documentary is due out June 4th and will be streaming on Amazon Prime. The trailer promises a look at what led to the band's break up years ago, and how life has changed for them all in the years since. It also claims to explain why they got back together and the thought behind their new direction.

Take a look:

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