Have you ever confused someone when you ordered something to eat? Just like many other places, New England has names for specific food and meals that not everyone will understand.

It's not always easy either. We can get weird looks when we try to explain a New England-based snack or dish. Being raised in New England, I have always given the weird looks though. Why? Well, because I am more offended that people do not know what I am talking about.

There are some foods that non-New Englanders just do not seem to understand. For instance, when I make American Chop Suey (Chop Suey for short), some of my friends (and my boyfriend) say that it is just goulash, but it's not. It was when I kept being questioned, that I decided to google American Chop Suey and found out that it is mainly a New England delicacy.

If you are from New England, then you know the struggle. Especially when you are ordering a specific ice cream topping. Yes, I am talking about jimmies. I cannot count how many times I have confused someone when I order jimmies in a non-New England state. There have been too many times that I have argued: are they jimmies or sprinkles?

I know I am not the only New Englander that has confused others with my snack and meal choices, so I took to Facebook to see what other foods non-New Englanders do not seem to understand.

Here are the results.

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