In my whole life, I've paid for a small handful of haircuts.

My mom was a hairdresser. In fact, she taught it for many years in the cosmetology schools of years past, around the state. So when I was a kid, I never had to go get haircuts. Mom did them at home. The only time we ever paid for them was in 4th grade, when a lot of the other boys in my grade started getting crew cuts.

I imagine my mom owned electric clippers, but the stayed at her shop up in Orono. So she sent me to the corner of Kennebec and Main Road where we lived in Hampden, and had old Maurice buzz it off. Although, she got pretty mad at him one time when I convinced him to go as short as he could, hahaha. A foreshadowing of later life...

40 years later, there's a new shop in almost the exact same spot.

Initially, I spied Anytyme Barber on the way home from work recently. At first I didn't give it much pause, because these days I shave my own head. But then I saw a post on Facebook from a woman who began posting on some of the local pages, that her son Ty opened his own barber shop in Hampden. So I put two and two together.

Anytyme Barber just opened a few weeks ago, across from Angelo's in Hampden, at 105 Maine Rd. South. It also looks like his prices are beyond reasonable. On the Facebook page, Anytyme is offering $10 clipper cuts. I'm interpreting that as, you need a quick buzz... $10. Probably more complicated cuts go up, but that's just my guess.

What I think is great, is that according to the posts his mom put up on some other pages trying to help promote, I learned that Ty is only 20 years old. But he's gotten all the proper training and decided to jump right into it on his own. I have to commend that kind of ambition. It's enough to inspire me to let someone else shave my head from time to time. Well, maybe.


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