Red Notice is supposedly the most expensive movie in Netflix’s history. (The budget estimates online put it in the neighborhood of $200 million.) The film certainly has one of the company’s biggest casts to date as well. It’s headlined by three movie stars who typically anchor movies all by themselves: Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds.

With that much riding on the movie, it’s no wonder that Netflix has lined Red Notice up as one of its tentpole fall releases. The company announced today that the film will begin streaming in November, just a few weeks before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend when families will gather together and desperately avoid conversation by looking for something they can all watch together on television. Like Red Notice!

Along with that announcement, Netflix also revealed the first official photo of the cast, seen above. They provided an official synopsis for the film as well:

An Interpol-issued Red Notice is a global alert to hunt and capture the world’s most wanted. But when a daring heist brings together the FBI’s top profiler (Johnson) and two rival criminals (Gadot, Reynolds), there’s no telling what will happen.

In his own Instagram post on the news, Johnson thanked Netflix for “the trust and vision to commit to their biggest investment ever” with Red Notice, and also noted this is his “career first streaming film.”

We’ll never know exactly how much Red Notice cost, so it will be difficult if not impossible to determine whether it is a “hit” for Netflix. If a bunch of people turn it on for 15 minutes, then leave it running in the other room while they go back and finish Thanksgiving dessert, does that mean it worth it for Netflix? I honestly don’t know.

Red Notice premieres on Netflix on November 12.

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