Whenever late September rolls around, Mainer's know it's almost studded tire season.  So, with that in mind, it's time to take a look at what Mainer's need to know about studded tires.

Studded tires are specially designed tires that are used during the snowy season.  They consist of metal studs in the tread of tires to act as a way to increase the traction of a tire in snow and ice.

But, what struck me when doing my research wasn't the use of studded tires but, when Mainer's can actually use the studded tire.

Maine laws have it so that having studded tires on your vehicle is prohibited for a full five months when the snowy weather has passed.  But, here's something that might strike you funny and perhaps shake up your hold world if you knew for sure (as a Mainer it would be said 'Newfasure') that studded tire season starts October 1st.

But, it doesn't start October 1st.  That's the last day that it's prohibited on Maine roads.

Maine law states that studded tires are illegal on Maine roads from May 1st to October 1st. Look:

§1919. Studded tires

1.  Prohibited May 1st to October 1st.  Except as provided in subsections 2 and 3, from the first day of May to the first day of October, a person may not operate a vehicle with tires having metal studs, wires, spikes or other metal protruding from the tire tread. Pneumatic tires that feature embedded blocks, studs, flanges, cleats, spikes or other protuberances that are retractable may be used any time of the year, except that the protuberances may not be engaged or extended from the first day of May to the first day of October.
Now, there are exceptions to who can use studded tires beyond the prohibited date, which requires permits and fees or if you have a fire department vehicle or school bus.  But, now you know fact from myth.
Myth: Studded tire season begins October 1st in Maine.
Fact: Studded tire season actually begins October 2nd in Maine.

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