In my first full year with the Z, I've really embraced the multimedia aspect of being Queen Z.  I've met some great people and have talked a lot about some odd things.  One of my favorite ways to do this is by filming stuff and taking you on the journey.

Check out some of my favorite videos I got to create in 2018 as we take a walk down memory lane together!

Sarah Meets the Moose Turd Lady

A star was born when we saw Mary online after the Common Ground Fair took place and the internet was taken by storm.

I saw her video picking up steam and threw it on the Z107.3 website.  She commented on our Facebook post and had to sit down with her to get to know this unique Mainer.

Mary is now in talks of doing a TV show on cable and has been out to California in talks with Comedy Central and on the Steve Harvey show.  Can't wait to see where 2019 takes her!

Here is the video that EVERYBODY talks about when I'm out and about.

Everybody remember's the Z Morning Show's obsession with the small Maine town of Cornville last year that spawned the question: does anybody listen to the Z in Cornville?

The question lead me on a journey to the little Maine town and into You Tube history as I filmed reaching my destination and exploration of the town with Cornville resident, Dave Clark.

What's amazing is how many people have a Cornville story.  I've come to realize that Cornville is everybody's favorite little Maine town and that a lot of people have a special place in their heart's for this little Maine gem.  I have to take a trip back... maybe when it's a little warmer.  #roadtrip #cornvillemaineyardsale

Nothing seemed more fitting than having Z Morning Show subject and Townsquare Media Sales guy, Chris Popper, delivering the best #ohhis the web has to offer.  I scoured the internet for these sweet tweets for Chris to say and it really came alive with the music and editing.  This is Chris in allllllll his glory.

Around Halloween, the unnecessarily sexy costumes rear their ugly heads and I had a few things to point out.  Check out the outfits that I found online and my awesome Microsoft Paint art that I like to add in my videos.  This one still makes me giggle despite the obscene number of hours I spent on this video.

I had a blast doing this video with our Digital Editor, Jeff Tuttle, AKA DJ Judgey Jeff.  He is really the unsung hero of this project because without him I would have been on that sidewalk for DAYZZZZ.  It was great partnering up with Sprague's Nursery and getting some great advice and products and we were so elated to create this beautiful garden in Downtown Bangor for everybody to enjoy.  Good stuff!

Here's a video of my daughter's trying the Maine legacy of Moxie.  It's was a fun video to test out with the kiddos and it's always fun to see people's reactions to trying this unique soda for the first time.

We had a special guest on the Z Morning Show that I had to chat with for International Talk Like A Pirate Day.  I invited him to video chat with me and he took it above and beyond and Captain Jack Lash Lannigan took us on the high river, of the Penobscot.

Cool interview, sweet graphics and lots of fun putting this one together :)

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