Mom + Me Love The Z!

Lots of you sent us photos of you and your mom for our "Mom + Me Love The Z!" photo contest. Now it's time to decide which mom will take home our sweet Mother's Day prize.

Here's what our winner will receive:

  • $150 from Eyelash Extensions by Teresa
  • $100 Amazon gift card
  • $50 gift card to Harvest Moon Deli

To vote, scroll through our eight finalists below (listed alphabetically by first name) and click the “Vote Now”  button for photo of favorite contestant. You can even click on an image to make it bigger! 

Plus, you can scroll through the gallery above to read why these moms love the Z! (We love you all, too!)

Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell everyone! You may vote once per hour until 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, May 10. We’ll announce the winner on Friday’s Z Morning Show.

Good luck everyone!

Note: Entries were named after the individual who sent in the submission. Not all names reflect the individuals in the image.

While we’re at it, here’s a link to our general contest rules.

If you are using the app and don’t see the poll below, click here to cast your vote.

  • Amanda

  • Derek

  • Harley


    Harley of Exeter Z107.3 plays the best music around! Anyone could be in a bad mood turn the radio to 107.3 and it will change their mood around!! We love Z107.3!

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  • Hayley

  • Janet

  • Nicole

  • Rebecca

  • Veronica

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