Drivers will want to be alert today to changing road conditions, as they travel around the state, due to a mixed bag of precipitation.

It's a typical winter day in Maine. In other words, what's coming out of the sky depends on where you're located. Northern Maine today is looking at snow falling from the sky. In Central and Southern Maine, it's going to be mostly rain. But on that line between the two fronts, there will be a wintry mix and some freezing rain, making road conditions challenging. So, as folks drive around the state, they'll want to be prepared for changing conditions, and keep an eye on the temperature.

There are a couple of excellent sources of information on road conditions that folks may want to check out, before getting behind the wheel today:

511 New England is the Department of Transportation's site that offers information, not only about road construction sites, but also about road closures due to accidents or road hazards.

Maine Weather/Road Condition Reports on Facebook offers a chance to ask members, specifically, about the route you plan to travel. There's no guarantee that anyone will respond, but it's a very active site that has set my mind at ease more than once.

Before heading out today, residents should make sure their cellphone is fully charged and they have the phone number for the police or sheriff, plus a towing company, just in case they find themselves off the road. Dust off those winter driving skills and be safe today.

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