An elderly man from Milo is charged with attempted murder for allegedly threatening the Police Chief with a firearm.

Who Was Arrested?

Richard McCorrison, 85, of Milo also faces charges of criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon and refusing to submit to arrest.

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What Happened?

The incident began when Milo Police Chief Nick Clukey went to McCorrison's home on D'Este Road in regards to a car accident. Clukey intention was to gather more information about the crash. While he was there, McCorrison argued with the Chief, becoming verbally abusive. As the altercation escalated, the elderly man allegedly got a pistol from the kitchen and threatened Clukey. WABI-TV reports that McCorrison allegedly held the gun to the Chief's head and threatened to kill him. Clukey was able to get the gun away from the man and call for help.

Any Idea Why He Became So Aggressive?

Officials say a woman who lives in the residence told Clukey that McCorrision suffers from some mental health issues.

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