Update: The service will also be live-streamed below for those unable to attend in person.

A heads up for folks in Hampden; there will likely be an influx of traffic in the area tomorrow, as Law Enforcement Agencies and First Responders from around the area gather to pay respects to one of their own.

Penobscot County Sheriff Staff Sergeant Bobbie Pelletier, Town Of Hermon
Penobscot County Sheriff Staff Sergeant Bobbie Pelletier, Town Of Hermon

A Memorial service will be held Thursday afternoon at 4 PM at the auditorium at Hampden Academy (89 Western Avenue in Hampden) for Penobscot County Sheriff  Staff Sergeant Bobbie Pelletier. Pelletier passed away last Sunday evening following a snowmobile accident in Limestone.

While a Catholic funeral service will take place in Limestone this weekend, Thursday's memorial service in Hampden is open to the public, according to the Penobscot County Sheriff's Office.

"The Pelletier family and the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office cordially invite Bobbie’s friends, the public safety community and public to a celebration of his life.

We respectfully ask all who are attending to be seated early as the celebration will start promptly at 4pm. Friends, public safety members and the public will entry on their own, then be guided by users once inside.
A brief service will occur, then all are encouraged to participate in fellowship continuing the celebration of Bobbie’s life."
Masks will be required at the event, and while law enforcement will be seated together, there will not be an official marching formation.
Those wishing to donate on behalf of Staff Sgt. Pellitier, can do so in his name to either the Penobscot Area Special Olympics, C/O Kiley & Foley Funeral Services on Union Street in Bangor, or to Brian’s Ride  Cancer Fund  P. O. Box 163 Caribou, ME 04736.

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