Despite the countless disasters 2020 has thrown at us, Megan Vice and TT The Artist are "Feeling Good" on their groovy new collab.

Premiering exclusively on PopCrush, "Feeling Good" is a colorful, disco-infused throwback to the neon-tinged bloghaus days we spent dancing in sweaty underground venues, with not a care in the world. The vibe? Kylie Minogue meets Bruno Mars meets Pharrell, perfect for parties and music festivals—even if we can't attend them right now.

“‘Feeling Good’ is about the moment when you finally come out of the other end of heartbreak — you’ve healed, done the inner-work and unlocked a new level of self-worth you never thought could exist," Vice says of the Kyle Kelso-produced track, which manifested during a night in the studio after Vice had just ended a long-term relationship and was finally "feeling good" again.

After moving to Los Angeles, Vice linked up with rapper TT through a mutual friend and "instantly fell in love with her vibes."

"When Megan reached out to me and said she wanted to release her single on my women-focused record label, Club Queen Records, the first question I asked her was her vision was for this record. She said she wanted every DJ to play it and every artist, no matter what genre, to remix it," TT shares, adding that Vice "had the ambition and vision, so we decided to team up."

Listen to the upbeat party anthem, below:

But the track isn't just about letting go of what doesn't serve us—it's also an unabashed celebration of good things to come, and a bona fide New Year's anthem to boot.

"After experiencing such devastation over the past nine months, feeling like our lives have been stolen from us, we wanted to give the world a fire comeback anthem to hit the streets with in the New Year," Vice explains. "We voted that demagogue out of office, a vaccine is finally on its way to the people, we’ve elected the most ethnically and racially diverse congress in history and we’re about to enter the Age of Aquarius — leading us into what is sure to be the Roaring Twenties, 2.0."

"I am super excited about bringing good vibes and affirmations to the world through our music," TT says. "I think 'Feeling Good' is the soundtrack that people need right now. 2020 is almost over, so get ready to set those New Year's resolutions and when the virtual ball drops, turn the volume up all the way and feel good!"

"I’m ready to fiercely and unapologetically follow my bliss," Vice adds. "2021 is the year of feeling good—and everyone’s invited. See ya there!”

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