Norman goes prime time!

So far, 2020 has not been everyone’s favorite year, to say the least. However, just when you need something to cheer you up and give you a break from everything terrible happening in the world, naturally one of our four-legged friends comes to the rescue.

Long time listeners of The Z Morning Show may remember Ben Lankhorst, who used to do his weekly football picks with us on the air. He now co-owns Maine Man Flavahs, which combines the flame of the habanero pepper with the Maine blueberries for a unique sauce, and he hosts a funny podcast called “2 And The Flavs” One other thing he owns is an adorable Corgi named Norman.

Here is a bio on Norman. "Stormin Norman Lankhorst" is a 2-year-old Bangor resident, studying ball retrieval. Norman even has his own Instagram page.

Norman has recently gone viral for a video where he demands to be scratched.

Here is how Ben describes the video:

I took this video of my Corgi, Norman, and my wife. He's become quite mouthy in the past few months and even though it's funny, we also know its a really bad habit. For whatever reason, he tends to be more demanding and mouthy to his 'Mum', my wife Tish. He is also very aware of the camera and tends to stop doing the behavior the moment I take my phone out. I was lucky to be sitting on the other couch and he didn't know he was being filmed so he continued to be mouthy and we ended up this gem.

ViralHog posted it and now Norman is becoming a internet star with over 32,000 views in the last week!

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