Roll with it baby!

Have you ever watched roller derby and wished you could do that? Sunday, April 15th, from 5-7pm at the Old Town/Orono YMCA, you can do just that!

We have had the pleasure of having the women of women of Central Maine Derby in the Z studio, and now you can meet them in person, when they host a meet & greet event for women interested in playing, and men and women interested in officiating or volunteering with roller derby!

* Meet the players, officials, and volunteers of Central Maine Derby!
* Ask questions about our sport!
* Try on gear and take a spin around the track!
* Watch demos from skaters!
* Get more information on joining!

Interested in roller derby, but not sure you want to play? Team Zebra always needs referees and officials too! Come to the meet & greet for details.

For more information or to RSVP, please email

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