So far, Marvel’s three Phase Four television series on Disney+WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki have all brought something new to the table. WandaVision dazzled audiences with its unconventional take on the superhero genre and clever homages to the history of TV. Falcon and Winter Soldier reconsidered Captain America’s wholesome image and legacy in the absence of Steve Rogers himself. And Loki charmed viewers with a mercurial lead performance from Tom Hiddleston.

However, there are some recurring patterns in the trio of shows that prevent them from reaching their full potential. With no end in sight to Marvel’s Disney+ output — What If...? premieres in August, plus Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye are both expected to debut on streaming before the end of 2021 — it’s worth taking a look at the series so far, to consider what is working ... and what isn’t.

The Biggest Issues With Marvel's Disney+ Shows

From the strong performances to the stunning special effects to the impressive production design, Marvel’s newest series are indeed quality television. For veteran Marvel fans and newcomers alike, tuning in to Disney+ each week is an exciting visual treat. But anything worth watching is worth critiquing, which is why we’ve come up with the biggest issues found in Marvel’s Disney+ shows so far.

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