Great, but where are the scrambled eggs?

Even with my true love of this product, here is a Guinness World Record that even I wouldn't attempt. Dinesh Shivmnath from Mumbai, using a glass bottle and a straw, proceeded to drink down 14 ounces of ketchup in a mere 25.37 seconds, which was immediately followed by a rather intense coughing fit. Coughing aside, he now holds the title as ketchup guzzling champion.

This isn't Dinesh Shivnath's first Guinness record. He has previously shoved 88 grapes in his mouth, ate 9.5 ounces of peanut butter in a minute, peeled and ate grapefruits and oranges faster than anyone else, doing in three minutes.

As Z Morning Show listeners may remember, maybe a month or two ago, I totally grossed Sarah out with my obsession with my favorite condiment. I love putting ketchup on eggs, baked beans, chicken nuggets, meatloaf. mac & cheese, and french fries of course. Will I drink a whole bottle with a straw? Hell no.

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