He couldn't just "Let It Go"

As this snowstorm continues to rage across the Northeast, even the boys in blue need some help sometimes.

A man who was partying at the South Boston nightspot "The Gallows Bar", came to the aid of a Boston police van that was stuck in a snowbank on Tuesday night. The unusual part was the good samaritan was dressed as the character Elsa from the smash hit Disney movie "Frozen"

With a cheering crowd at the Gallows Bar one hundred percent behind him, a minute or so later, the car was freed, Elsa does a curtsey for his adoring fans, and an new internet star was born. The video was uploaded to Facebook by bar patron, Christopher Haynes.

Why the costume? The Elsa impersonator bought it last year, because he thought it would be funny to walk around the South End of Boston during a raging blizzard.

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