First the heat and humidity, and now this!

A blown fuse has caused a major power outage in the Old Town area this morning, and it looks like it will be several hours until service is restored. 4pm is the latest estimate from Versant.

Over 5,300 people in Old Town, and the surrounding towns of Milford, Orono, Bradley and Indian Island are currently without electricity, according to Versant Power. Old Town, and Milford in particular are feeling the crunch. Over 70 percent of customers woke up this morning to zero service.

Rest assured that crews are on the job and they expect to have things up and running again, around 4 this afternoon. But hey, silver lining, it will be just in time to begin a three day holiday weekend, so hang in there!

As always, remember that you should never touch a downed power line or a tree in contact with a downed line. Motorists are urged to slow down or move over and change lanes, when possible, if approaching utility crews working on roadways.

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