We all remember this viral video that we all shared late last summer when Mary Winchenbach of Somerville, Maine filled our Facebooks with her Moose Turds she was selling at her craft booth at the Common Ground Fair.

This classic video has now hit almost 3.5 million views. Despite this huge number of views, there are still more videos floating around out there showcasing Mary and her unique collection of crafts.

We even got an interview with 'Moose Turd Lady' days after the Common Ground Fair when the video was being shared furiously around Maine. Mary came to our studios in Bangor ready to sling her turdy wares. Sarah got to chat with her like no one else had at the time and the world was all abuzz about Moose poop.

Now, Moose Turd Mary has hit the big time by talking with Comedy Central staple Daniel Tosh on his Comedy Central show "Tosh.0." Lucky for us, the show posted the interview on Facebook prior to the airing of the show so we could get a sneak peak at how Mary's interview went. Let's take a look:


We are all awaiting her Comedy Central premiere and couldn't be more proud!

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