Check out this video from 2008.  It shows a Maine road being washed away due to a strong and rainy spring storm.  According to the YouTube description, it was shot by Maine television station WMTW-8.

I was hoping to find Maine's most popular video as something a little more dramatic or exciting but I think this video embodies Maine in a very typical-Mainer kind of way: not a lot of flair, a "slow-burn" of action and an end result that let's you know who's in charge- not you!  It's almost relaxing to watch but fulfilling when something else gets washed away, like a relief.  Cathartic.

It really carries the spirit of what Maine is all about, that no matter how much you try to tame it, that Maine will persevere how it does.  Take that as the natural spirit of Maine, the grit of it's people or the physical strength of it's natural features.

The video description also states that the video is "a teaching tool LTAP/TTAP centers utilize."  Perhaps that's a teaching tool to teach people how to not mess with nature.

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