If you ask practically any Maine resident about the state's most popular tourist attractions, they would probably say things like The Portland Head Light, the Old Port, Acadia National Park, and Mount Katahdin.

You would probably never expect them to suggest that a visitor make a visit to a small town lavender farm, right?

Well, believe it or not, a small lavender farm (yes, they exist) in Newport, Maine is quickly becoming a popular tourist attraction.

According to the website for Moore Manor Lavender, the farm got its start in 2014, when the owners decided they would attempt to grow the flower on their Newport property.  They started with 250 plants.  The next year, they planted an additional 750 plants.  And, they have continued to plant more lavender plants.

Anthony BEC / Unsplash
Anthony BEC / Unsplash

The number of plants they have is in the thousands and the place attracts over 7,000 visitors per year.

Of course, it is a season business.  This year, their opening day will be Friday, May 12th.  Of course, the flowers don't bloom until mid to late June, but the store will be open.

The shop features a bunch of unique lavender-oriented products...  Soaps, lotions, prints, etc.  And, on that Friday, they'll have samples of their lavender cookies.

Keep in mind that, once the lavender starts to bloom, the fields will be free to visit.  They will also, for a small fee, allow you to book a photography session.  Can you think of a better place to have your family portraits, senior photos, or engagement photos done?

They also have a tent for small events.  The tent can accommodate about two dozen people.

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