If you haven't done your Halloween candy shopping yet, maybe this can help you decide which candy to choose before you commit to giving anything out for the biggest night of the year... when it comes to the sweet treats.

CandyStore.com released their state-by-state sales data revealing every American state's most sold candy.  Alaska's winner was Twix and Hawaii's was Skittles.  But can you guess Maine's most sold candy?

Sour Patch Kids!  I am accepting of this as fact.  I myself am a huge fan of the sweet and sour candy.  In fact, I had some hankerings for Sour Patch Kids during my pregnancy over the summer.  I like to think Sour Patch kids is what helped create my own kid- ha!


Here's a list of results for most popular candy in other U.S. states:

  • California: M&Ms
  • Georgia: Swedish Fish
  • Minnesota: 3 Musketeers
  • Maryland: Milky Way
  • Massachusetts: Sour Patch Kids
  • New Hampshire: Snickers

So, this Halloween give the children what they want- Sour Patch Kids.

Runners up for Maine's favorite candy were M&Ms and Starbursts.  I'd enjoy these as well ;)

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