These Maine towns may sound scary to you, or, they may not.  But, we think that  after reading our descriptions, they probably will sound scary, or at least give you a chuckle.

Alfred - We've always thought that the name was a little scary.  It always reminded us of a dark, pale white skinned butler, who stood about 7 feet tall.  Kind of like Lurch from The Addams Family.

Bucksport - Check out that boot marking on the gravestone of Colonel Jonathan Buck, the town's founder. Never burn a witch.

Carthage - Not to be confused with carnage. But, that's exactly what happened in the original Carthage in northern Africa when the Romans wiped it out in 146BC.

Castle Hill - Hey, it has "castle" in it's name. Town rulers there may threaten to take you down into the dungeon for interrogation on the rack.  Proceed with caution.

Cooper - As in Alice.  Enough said.

Dedham - Dead-ham, as in dead meat.  Enough said.

Hallowell - Sounds like a certain scary holiday to us.

Limestone - Gravestone makers use limestone because it "takes carving well."  We're not setting foot in a town that may hold a gravestone/headstone maker's convention someday.

Mars Hill - The town was named after a man named Hezekiah Mars, who camped at the base of the mountain for three years way back when.  But, of course "Mars" reminds us of aliens, which reminds us of Orson Wells, who performed The War Of The Worlds on the radio back in 1938, which scared the heck out of the just about everyone on Halloween.  Good job Mr. Wells.  Although it would have been scarier if the actors performed it in Mars Hill.

Newcastle - Named after an English port-city from way back when.  Has the word "castle" in its name.  See Castle Hill. Someone needs to go back onto the rack.

North Haven - Haven is the title of a television supernatural drama that is loosely based on a Stephen King novel. There is no Haven in Maine, but just thinking about what is north, or, south of it for that matter, scares the hell out of us.

Roque Bluffs - We find bluffs scary, because we're afraid of heights.  We'd hate to be thrown over the bluffs to the crashing surf below.

St Agatha - Saint Agatha of Sicily was martyred in the year 251.  Have you ever been martyred?  It ain't fun.

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