The Washington Post speculated an interesting scenario this weekend that could have all eyes of the nation on our district the day of the election, and probably for weeks after.

It is noted that if Trump wins the places he won last presidential election in 2016 that two particular districts could swing either way, due to recent polling results.  Those two national districts include a district in Michigan and our district of Northern Maine, the 2nd District.

If ranked choice voting is definitely happening, and it looks likely, the actual vote counting would probably take several days and cause a lot of anticipation for nationwide results and numbers for the days and weeks following the election to have an eventual winner of the presidential election.

The Washington Post goes on to mention how if there is a tie in the citizens votes for the presidency bid, the House Representative of that District would vote for president.  In the 2nd District's case, Dale Crafts (R) or Jared Golen D) could be put in a circumstance to vote for a president after just getting elected or re-elected themselves.

But, listen, that's only if things get super crazy.  This is unlikely to happen, but, it's 2020- anything goes and the possibilities are endless.

The nation is rounding the corner of an uber-ramped political season, at the height of its absurdity and the 2nd District better get ready for a lot of national attention and a lot of patience for what our final counts are that could be the tipping of one person winning the presidential position over another.

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