While people may not be aware of it, you may have some shrimp growing, swimming, and reproducing in your yard right now.

Right now, it's vernal pool season in Maine and throughout New England. Inside of these vernal pools are different kinds of bugs, invertebrates, crustaceans, and other categories of animals in these temporary pools of water- including shrimp.

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Vernal Pools

Right now, Mainers may be experiencing vernal pools near their home or in the woods near their property.

Vernal pools, or spring pools, are temporary pockets of wetland seen during the spring or fall that creates quite a habitat for a variety of different plants and animals. Even though they may only last a few weeks to a little over a month, these pools are where many animals return to spawn year after year, including the fairy shrimp!

Maine's special specials in these pools

Vernal pools are breeding areas for frogs and salamanders, as well as fairy shrimp. Yes, shrimp. These are not the shrimp you are used to, the ones that come out of the ocean, but are pretty closely related to their salt-water cousins. You may also know fairy shrimp as 'sea monekys'. Now, you're getting it, right?

Vernal Pools And Maine Property Owners

There are rare species of animals that can use a vernal pool and because of this may make a vernal pool on your property a 'significant' habitat. Find out more about the status of your vernal pool as a property owner by visiting the maine.gov webpage dedicated to vernal pools.

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