So, President Trump said TikTok was getting banned this weekend. Then, somehow Walmart saved it? Honestly, I haven't been getting caught up in the details. I'm just going to keep scrolling my For You Page until the app disappears or I run out of things to watch. Whichever comes first.

Today I came across @maine_event_trickshots and they sucked me right in. Why are these videos so satisfying?!

Look how excited this guy gets?! Also, note the UMaine sweatshirt.

I am so here for the enthusiasm.

When trick shots and drinking games come together as one.

Trick bottle flips on the side of a cabin? That's Maine AF.

This needs to be a "man cave" Olympic sport.

This one got me.


Crazy streak! Ends with a BRUTAL miss!!!!! @trickshotzac

♬ original sound - JACOB MULLA

Sometimes the sound fits SO PERFECTLY. Well done boys!

There are dozens more to be discovered so go give 'em a follow! New TikToks are uploaded regularly!

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