Want a secure way to have your children's info on hand in the event that your child goes missing?  We don't want to think of this as a possibility but preparing for the worst and being ready IF it does happen is the best thing you can do.

The FBI has an app available called the Child ID app where you can store pictures of your children and input valuable information about your child, such as their height and weight and identifying features, in the event that they go missing.  If the information is needed quickly, just a few clicks will get information to the authorities as fast as possible.

The app also has educational information on what to do if your child goes missing and guidance on how to keep your children safe.

Get your app wherever you get your apps dependent on your android or apple device.

It is important to know that the information you enter into the app is not stored by the FBI and encourages people to check security of information with your phone provider's terms and service about the apps you download to your phone, tablet or other device.

Links to download the app:

Here's the link to the apple version of the FBI's Child ID App.

Here's the link to the google play store for android version of the FBI's Child ID App.

For more information about this 'Child ID' App from the Federal Bureau of Investigations, check out the page dedicated to the app on FBI.gov.

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