Ya'just never know when another big one is coming!

To say that winter driving in Maine is an experience like no other would be understating it. Even after years of driving, I still get nervous just driving from the studio here in Brewer, to the west side of Bangor, when there is significant snowfall on the roads. When you factor in navigating the interstate, it's twice as terrifying.

A YouTube user from Maine, who goes by the name of "Life The Wild Ride" turns on the dash cam, and talks you through the process of what to look for when you are behind the wheel during a storm. For instance, he points out that if you take your time, and leave early, you should be fine. He does point out to watch out for the other drivers that "think they are invincible and drive like idiots".

Anyone who has ever navigated an automobile in this state during crappy weather already knows all this stuff, but with the potential of another round of the white stuff always lurking, it couldn't hurt to heed his advice.

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