According to the Maine DOT, Maine has seen more than 17,000 crashes so far in 2021 resulting in over 4,000 injuries. Last year, Maine saw 28,000 crashes with 6,700 injuries for the whole year. 2019 saw more than 8,000 injuries and over 35,000 crashes.

People driving fast on the roads in Maine not only need to look out for those cycling or look out for pedestrians but, they also need to be on the look out for horse drawn buggies in the rural parts of the state. Areas of Maine can see Amish buggies on the roads, which is an interesting site to see but, unfortunately, is proving to be very dangerous for the quaint community.

According to WGME, police say there have been at least 5 crashes this year for the Amish on Maine roads, with one resulting in a 5 year-old being sent to a hospital.

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Maine's Amish community are scattered throughout rural Maine, including a settlement in Fort Fairfield with around 140 members, according to Down East Magazine, which featured an article about this settlement in one 2013. Other settlement areas include Smyrna in Aroostook County and in Unity in Waldo County, according to the website, and another settlement area in Whitefield outside of Augusta.

The Amish is a religious traditionalist group that are focused on 'simple living' without most modern amenities, including cars. Which is why the Amish choose a transportation of centuries past, the horse-drawn buggy.

Be mindful of others on the road, whether they have a vehicle or not. And, in a year where statistics lately have proved dangerous for drivers and other occupiers alike, take it easy on the roads out there and take care of each other no matter who else shares the road with you.

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