Cloudport CoWorking MultiSpace

Cloudport CoWorking MultiSpace is located on Federal Street in Portland. At Cloudport, members can use the space for various work-related needs. They offer private offices, meeting spaces, and foster an environment ideal for networking.

Memberships range from a $30 Day Pass to their recommended $400 a month package where you get your own desk, 24/7 access to the space, and credits for meeting rooms or for $850+ a month you can have a lockable enclosed office for teams of 1-3. More details on the packages can be found here.

Coworking spaces have become a great alternative for those who may struggle to focus in a home environment and still need that work/home life separation. It also provides a professional meeting environment that otherwise may be more difficult to accommodate in non-traditional working environments.

The latest addition to Cloudport is a $15,000 Framery One Soundproof Pod.

Framery One

This unique space has room enough for one. The pod offers sound insulation so that workers can focus on clients and Zoom calls without disruption or distractions. Plus, in a shared environment and dealing with confidential client information, privacy is no longer a concern as those who are outside of the pod won't hear a thing. And don't worry about the pod being stuffy. According to Framery, the pods are equipped with a high-tech ventilation system.

Users can even adjust the lighting and airflow as needed.

WMTW reports that recently they have seen a "drastic increase" in demand for their coworking space after a very difficult 15 months during the height of the pandemic.

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