The Maine Department of Transportation released its three-year work plan for 2022 - 2024 last week.  Being the nerd that I am, I wanted to see what's happening where and when, and... how much is it going to cost.

The 2022 Three-Year Work Plan From the MaineDOT

The plan is prefaced with a letter from the State of Maine Department of Transportation's Commissioner, Bruce Van Note, explaining what is included in the report, detailing how many projects are in the works and the ultimate price tag of what's in store for the next three year's worth of projects:

"This Work Plan includes all capital projects and programs, maintenance and operations activities, planning initiatives, and administrative functions. This plan contains 2,316 individual work items with a total value of $3.17 billion. It consists principally of work to be delivered or coordinated through MaineDOT, but it also includes funding and work by other transportation partners, including airports and transit agencies."

In this plan, we see acknowledgment of a huge contributor of funds via the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that transpired at the end of 2021.  The plan continues with what is expected for sources of funding, use of funds, county-level projects, statewide capital programs and more, for the next three years.

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The Usual From Their Work Plan

Overall, just like any other work plan we see from the Maine DOT, we are seeing construction work planned for all corners across the State of Maine including a ton of bridge projects, road reconstruction, airport runway renovations and many other transportation projects.

What's Coming For Maine Transportation In 2022

In 2022, we are seeing work planned for all counties in Maine, but what are the biggest projects planned for each county? Take a look at what we compiled to show what are the big projects planned across the state in each county that are the big ones for 2022.

Maine's Most Expensive DOT Projects Planned For Each County In 2022

Maine's 3-Year Work Plan for January 2022 shows various projects in store for Maine's roads for 2022 into 2024. A lot of attention is going to Maine's bridges but other projects are expected to. Here are the most expensive projects planned for all counties across Maine for 2022.

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There are plenty of sections of road that you have come across here in the State of Maine that have you gripping the steering wheel a little more than other sections. Here is the list of the Most Dangerous Roads of Maine from the past three years of crashes, injuries, and fatalities from the Maine Department of Transportation. Do you live on one of these roads?

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Roads and Bridges Mainers want improved with Infrastructure $

Mainers respond when asked what roads need immediate work

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