Happy Halloween from Maine!

Mary Post, who hails from Yarmouth, Maine, got some national attention the other day when she was featured on the Kelly Clarkson Show, for her hilariously unique Halloween decorations that are giving lots of people joy in this most unusual of years. Kelly's show is seen here locally, every weekday at 4pm, on WABI-TV 5, and this past Tuesday, Mary appeared via Zoom to chat.

Mary, her husband Scott, and her son Will, have two skeletons in their yard named Skully and Boenita, who they put in creative poses each week. Much to the delight of neighbors and the people who have heard about this, and drive by their house to get a look at her latest creation.

This just hasn’t been something they do for Halloween, they have been at this since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, just to bring a smile to peoples faces during this difficult time. Any special occasion is ripe for a new display. Graduation was very different for seniors in High School this year, so Mary had her skeltons in prom poses. Kids in the area have been known to get birthday shoutouts from Skully & Boenita as well. And all of this seems to be working, not only to they have a huge social media following, but now people like Kelly Clarkson are taking notice!

Nicely done, Mary.Thanks for spreading a little cheer to all the people in Yarmouth, and to all the others who will no doubt be stopping by to catch a peek of your creations!

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