To celebrate 'National Wine Drinking Day' today we felt inspired to direct your attention to some of the excellent and creative wineries across the State of Maine.

You wouldn't think of Maine as a 'wine country' but it very much is and it's own unique ways.

You won't see many 'traditional' grape wines in the mix since grapes are difficult to grow here in our climate.  However, you will come across some incredible flavors that you will want to try out, including plenty of berry wines made from Maine blueberries and raspberries as well as fruit wines made from apples, pears and even rhubarb.

There are so many wineries active all across the State of Maine so let's get our wine fix somewhat satisfied, as satisfied as it can be done virtually, right now on 'National Wine Drinking Day'.

Check out this list of 18 Maine wineries from Portland to Lincoln to Oakland and check out the links to their websites to see their full offerings and where to purchase their products.  Some places even do meads, hard ciders and spirits but, we're just focusing on the wine for today.

And, hey, if you want an actual tour to plan on when the wineries open up for the 2021 season, check out the 'Maine Wine Trail' from the Maine Winery Guild.  It's an actual treasure map made up of 34 locations throughout Maine made up of members of the Maine Winery Guild.

Enjoy 'National Wine Drinking Day' Maine- and keep it local!

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