This is so cool!

YouTubers “The Misery Machine” break down some popular Maine Urban Legends in this fascinating video. Among the topics discussed are:

  • The Sabattus Well
  • Colonel Buck’s Tomb in Bucksport
  • The Robie-Andrews Dorm
  • The Wood Island Lighthouse
  • The Seguin Island Lighthouse Hauntings
  • Pamola
  • The Hermit of North Pond Christopher Knight
  • Paul Bunyan
  • The Monster Of Pocomoonshine Lake
  • The Ghost Bride Of Haynesville Woods
  • The Fort William Henry Haunting
  • Maiden's Cliff Haunting in Camden
  • The Legend of Wessie
  • Bigfoot
  • Andre the Seal
  • The Royal Tar Circus Ship That Sank Off Vinalhaven
  • Portland's Prostitution Riots
  • The Turner Beast
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