Guess you could always call a cab, right?

Mo’ money, mo’ problems…

Starting this Wednesday, you will notice that your Uber ride around Bangor and surrounding towns will be a bit pricier than normal, since we are all feeling the pinch of ever rising gas prices, not only here in the state of Maine, but all over the country at the moment, so we will all be experiencing a slight increase.

The ride share company announced that they will tack on a new fuel fee to make up for the loss of revenue from hitting the gas station. It looks the charge will be temporary until things calm down a bit. You you can expect somewhere between a 45, or 55 cent bump for Uber rides, and 35, or 45 cent increase for Uber Eats orders for the next two months.

If you can take anything positive from this, the additional costs will go directly to your Uber driver. And as of yesterday, Lyft has also joined the party on this one, so don't be surprised when your ride costs a bit more.

Uber came to this price based on the average distance per trip, and of course, those pesky prices at the pump.

For years now, Uber has been a staple for people who don’t want to wait for a cab, the app has revolutionized the way we travel. They average over 19 million trips per day, and they got even bigger, when people had the option to order food for delivery from their favorite local restaurants.

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