Take that, Miranda Lambert!

TikTok has made stars out of everyday ordinary people, just posting fun clips, and one woman from the Bath area has gained quite a bit of popularity for her creative videos and opinions.

Meredith Steele, who goes by babiesofsteele on TikTok, has an impressive 1 million followers, and her videos have over 37 million likes.

Last summer, she made headlines when she put out a Venmo challenge to give "life-changing" donations to servers and wait staff at various Maine restaurants throughout the state.

After news broke that singer Miranda Lambert stopped a song, then scolded some fans for taking a selfie at her Las Vegas show, Meredith shared a story about how she went to see O-Town, BBMAK, Ryan Cabrera, and Chris Kirkpatrick, at Aura in Portland last week, and commented that they couldn't have been more accommodating to their fans during the show.

In fact, she says the members of O-Town were grabbing phones from the crowd, and snapping some great up close & personal shots.

Of course, there were lots of comments about Meredith's video:

I have seen the Backstreet Boys do this before too. Luke Bryan as well.

this is how performers should be interacting with their fans

Jody MF
I love this. They’re making the show even more fun and connecting with their fans. So cool

I go to a dozen shows a year and NOT once was I ever told to put my phone away. Xtina and Adele leaned over for selfies during shows

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Because wtf is going on lately?

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