Nicely done Maine Teen Camp!

We could all use something to make us feel a little hopeful during these trying times.

Maine Teen Camp is the only accredited summer camp created exclusively for teenagers. Campers enjoy a summer of fun, friendships and memories to last a lifetime. And that fact that it’s uniquely situated, bordered by two lakes, and nestled into some of Southern Maine’s most scenic hills, makes it a very popular summertime destination. Except for this summer.

Unfortunately, after months of debate, consultations with public health and infectious disease experts, Maine Teen Camp had to announce that due to COVID-19 concerns, that they will not open for the summer. As you can imagine there is just too much uncertainty to guarantee that all campers and staff can stay safe if they were to open this year. Good news however, they have vowed to come back for summer 2021, and to do it bigger and better than ever.

There is just so much going on in the world right now, it's almost too much to deal with at once. 2020 has thrown so many curveballs at us that it's hard to imagine a time when things will return to some sort of normalcy. With the pandemic moving towards the three month mark, and the racial unrest that is currently enveloping the country, we could all use a pick me up right about now. With that in mind, Maine Teen Camp put together a wonderful stay at home version of the Ben E. King classic tune “Stand By Me”

Check out all of these great singers and enjoy the beautiful drone shot of the camp!

Piers In Maine

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