One of our own is trying to burn up the pop charts!

Sydney, is very talented singer fromn Richmond, Maine, who is looking to make her mark on the music world with a new song and video. "Had Enough" is her latest, which was actually shot right in Richmond.

"Had Enough" was written by Sydney, and is about about a time in her life when she felt overwhelmed by bad relationships in multiple forms. She found the situations and people in her life were only taking from her and not offering anything but negativity in return. She decided she had finally "Had Enough"

The dancer in the video is Sydney's friend Hannah Ranco. The video was shot at the Maine Dance Center in Raymond, which is located in a strip mall, and the specail effects that involved fog, actually set off a fire alram, but the Richmond Fire Department came to the rescue.

Check out her amazing music. Tracks like "Ride For Me", "Get Used To", "Make Me Stay" and "Bittersweet" have a catchy, Top 40 sound. She has all the goods to make it big.

Sydney Choate was also the lead singer of a Maine based band called DaCav. Sydney reached out to us here at the Z a few years back, to tell us about their music video called "Let's Take A Walk."

The video and song are about bullying and taking a stand against it by being compassionate. Not only did Sydney direct this powerful clip, she also filmed it at her old high school in Richmond.

You can find Sydney on Instagram and TikTok @sydney_thesinger

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