When the staff at the Dayton Consolidated School learned that they would be having their first hearing impaired student, they wanted her to feel welcome by teaching all the students sign language.

6-year-old Morey Belanger has a severe hearing impairment and other developmental delays and she is the first deaf/hearing impaired student at the Dayton Consolidated Elementary School. Her mom, Shannon Belanger, told us that all of Morey's classmates "have gone above and beyond to learn sign language to communicate with Morey and include her as much as possible."

It's a story that has gotten national attention, including Fox 32 in Chicago who reported that the students now know around 20 different signs and all the letters of the alphabet, enabling them to be able to communicate with Morey and make her feel right at home among friends in her new school.

To celebrate this achievement, Cinderella joined them for lunch, portrayed by a local high school student who wants to become a sign language interpreter. She sang and signed for the kids as Morey was beyond excited to have her there.

CBS Evening News is planning to air a story about the accomplishment of these amazing kids, their teachers and what it means to Morey and her mom. Look for it Friday at 6:30 p.m. on CBS 13.

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