Bolley's Famous Franks in Waterville has been serving up delicious hot dogs and burgers since 1962.

One of their claim to fame items was their crinkle cut french fries. But that has changed recently and patrons of the hot dog joint are upset about the switch to regular straight cut fries.

Chen Ping-hung

The uproar has gotten national attention, according to an article from WVLT-TV in Knoxville, co-owner Leslie Parsons says she has spoken with newpapers in China who want to try the fries, and has even heard from people representing TV chef Rachael Ray!

The Kansas City Star reports that the food fight that ensued got so out of control that the police stepped in to warn everyone: No “throat-punching” over fries.

New owners Leslie and Jim Parsons say the change in fries was a financial decision because crinkle cut fries required special blades that needed to be bought monthly.



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