They might be right because this thing is huge!

August is without a doubt a month where lots of people take a well-deserved vacation from the daily grind and hit the open road. If you are headed out of town to explore some cool Maine traditions, and you love lobster rolls, we found a perfect fit.

Many years ago, I was working at a radio station in Bath. In fact, my apartment was directly in front of Bath Iron Works (that is an entire story for another day) during the summer that I lived there, I would ride my trusty mountain bike across the beautiful Sagadahoc Bridge, into Woolwich, and I would occasionally pedal over to a place called A Taste of Maine.

This legendary restaurant has been serving up delicious seafood since 1978. They have a few claims to fame, one being a giant inflatable lobster that sits on top of the roof, and covers about 75% of it, and the other is their claim that they serve "The World’s Largest Lobster Roll."

These bad boys are 22-inches long, and it has become a dare that many customers have taken on over the years. In fact, should you finish this beast, you become an official member of "The Clean Plate Club" which based on the sheer size of this lobster roll, is no easy feat.

Many people have filmed videos of themselves attempting this daunting task. Check some out, and if you happen to be in the Woolwich area, look for the giant inflatable lobster!

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