The answer may surprise you.

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Recently, they decided to indulge in, then rank, the number one comfort foods in each state across the U.S.


When it comes to good old-fashioned comfort food, I go with pizza, or a big bowl of mac n’ cheese, especially during this ridiculous weather pattern we have been stuck in for over a month now.

Oddly enough, it turns out that according to this taste test survey, Mainers chose a lobster roll. If anything should be Maine's #1 comfort food, most people would say a whoopie pie, or bag of Humpty Dumpty chips!

In case you wondering what was #1 for our New England neighbors, here is how that breaks down:

Massachusetts: Clam chowder
New Hampshire: Pancakes and maple syrup
Rhode Island: Stuffies
Vermont: Apple cider donut

It's pretty amazing that people from all over the world clamor for something we probably take for granted because we live here.

There are a ton of establishments that offer this tasty Maine treat, and not long ago, we did a poll of Eastern Maine’s favorite lobster rolls.

Here are the results:
#10 - Warren's Waterfront Restaurant, Bucksport
#9 - There's A Treat Take-Out, Deer Isle
#8 - Jones Lobster Company, Holden
#7 - Young's Lobster Pound, Belfast
#6 - Bagaduce Lunch, Penobscot
#5 - Friar's Brew House, Bucksport
#4 - Crosby's Drive-In, Bucksport
#3 - Eagle's Nest, Brewer
#2 - Carrier's Mainly Lobster, Bucksport
#1 - The Lobster Buoy, Bangor

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