There are some things about Maine that seem irrefutable, almost not worth the breath to argue about with someone. One of those things would almost certainly be that Maine is filled with incredible campgrounds for whatever style, terrain, or atmosphere you'd like to enjoy. But according to a recent list put out by, Maine is one of the worst states in the nation for camping.

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How the Best and Worst Camping States List Came Together

LawnLove put together their list based on 25 different criteria, most of which seems to focus on five major areas:

  • How much access to campsites and campgrounds exist in a state
  • How safe all of those campgrounds and campsites are
  • How affordable camping is in the state
  • How accessible supplies are in and around campgrounds and sites
  • How satisfied campers are with their camping experience

Why Maine Ranked as the #12 Worst Overall

Maine got a pair of good scores in the metrics used above. According to LawnLove, Maine has plenty of accessible campgrounds and sites, and for the most part, Maine has no problems with safety. But it's the other three key metrics where Maine tanks. Maine ranks low in campground and campsite quality, which should absolutely be up for debate. But it's the other two metrics that sunk Maine's ranking that most people might honestly agree with.

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Affordability and Supples

Maine ranked near the bottom on the list when it came to campground and campsite affordability. For most campgrounds and state parks, the season in Maine is short. In the last 10-15 years, the prices for quality campgrounds has skyrocketed everywhere in the state. Everywhere except for the most remote places to camp out. Maine is almost at the bottom on LawnLove's list because of access to supplies. There are many rural places in Maine to camp and hike, where small trading posts and country stores have gone out of business in the last decade or so and haven't been replaced.


Maine Wasn't the Worst-Ranked New England State

The worst-ranked New England state was Rhode Island. Rhode Island ranked #2 worst in the nation for camping, comping in last or near last in three key metrics. The best state in New England for camping? Connecticut, which ranked #14. Time to book a reservation for a campsite in Maine while pondering that.


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