We are putting forth the Maine Places Challenge to see how Mainer you really are based on the Maine locations you have visited and what's on our list.

On the list are locations throughout the state, from top to bottom, east to west.  Locations include natural wonders of Maine, local favorite establishments, touristy spots and hidden gems.

Rivers, lakes, bays and rocks are included on the list but so are famous eateries, famous houses and fun things that Mainers in the state really enjoy and have pride in.

Have you visited all of these locations?

Townsquare Media Bangor
Townsquare Media Bangor

For each item on the list that you have visited add one point to your total score.  In the end compare your score to our scoring system to determine what kind of Mainer you really are based on the locations you have visited.

Here's what you can look forward to being labeled:

  • Masshole: 0 - 7 items on the list
  • Tourist: 8 - 11 items on the list
  • City Folk: 12 - 15 items on the list
  • Towny: 16 - 19 items on the list
  • True Mainer: 20 - 23 items on the list

Take a look at the visuals of each item on the list and keep track of your points as you go to see what kind of Mainer you are with our Maine Places Challenge.

Maine Places Challenge - Add One Point For Each Location

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