Are you looking for a great summertime adventure for the kids that doesn't take you too far from home? Check out this road trip worthy event happening across the State of Maine on Sept. 8.

That's Maine's annual Open Lighthouse Day. It's a day that offers you the opportunity to check out these historic Maine structures for free

Most lighthouses will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Check out these local lighthouses to visit that are closer to Bangor:

1. Fort Point Lighthouse - Stockton Springs

2. Dyce Head Lighthouse - Castine

3. Grindle Point Lighthouse - Grindle Point

4. Curtis Island Lighthouse - Camden Harbor

5. Owls Head Lighthouse - Owl's Head

6. Isle Au Haut Lighthouse - Offshore on Isle Au Haut

7. Burnt Coat Harbor Lighthouse - Boothbay Harbor

8. Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse - Bass Harbor

For more information on Maine Open Lighthouse Day, check the American Lighthouse Foundation's website.

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