Make some pancakes and mark this down on your calendar!

Usually held on the fourth Sunday in March, Maine Maple Sunday is a long standing tradition where Maine’s Maple producers open their doors to their sweet operations for a day of educational demonstrations, Sugarbush tours, fun family activities and samplings of syrup and other great maple products. Well this year, the COVID-19 pandemic put the kibosh to that, but here is some good news, it's back on and right in the heart of fall, so move over pumpkins and apples!

Maine Maple Sunday was one of the earliest events to be cancelled, of course everything else was after that, but after careful consideration, it's back on for the weekend of October 9th-October 11th, according to the Maple Producers Association.

Things obviously will be a bit different this time around. The weekend will feature virtual elements as well as the traditional in person visits to the state’s sugar houses. The virtual events will certainly be of interest to people who either live too far away to attend, or have concerns about showing up to an event due to coronavirus concerns.

There are traditionally four types of syrup, Golden, which has a delicate taste, Amber, which has a rich taste, Dark, which has a robust taste and Very Dark which has a very strong taste, The state of Maine is the third largest maple producer in the country, after Vermont and New York.

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