On March 23rd and 24th throughout Maine, maple producers will host the 41st annual Maine Maple Sunday weekend.

On March 5th, the annual Blaine House Tradition set the stage for Maine Maple Sunday Weekend. Governor Mills and Maine Maple Producers Association President Lyle Merrifield tapped a Maple Tree at the Blaine House. Governor Mills made a statement saying,

"Maine Maple Sunday Weekend is a uniquely Maine tradition to celebrate our state’s world-class maple products and the Maine people who make them. Maine’s maple industry supports thousands of jobs, strengthens our economy, and produces–without question–the best maple syrup in the world. I urge Maine people to mark their calendars to visit one of our extraordinary sugarhouse on Maine Maple Sunday Weekend, March 23 and 24."

Three bottles of maple syrup made by a backyard hobbyist in Nova Scotia.

This is another great weekend event that will help you kick off spring because it allows you to enjoy the beauty of Maine in a sweet way by visiting a sugarhouse. Maine Maple Sunday weekend is always held on the fourth Sunday of March, however, some sugarhouses will be offering festivities both Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th.

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Most sugarhouses offer maple syrup samples to try and will be doing demonstrations on how pure maple syrup is made.  Some sugarhouse farms also will offer games, other activities, treats, sugarbush tours, music, and more. So do your research to find a location that has the activities you are looking for.


Maine is home to 450 maple producers licensed to sell maple products, so make sure you get out to a sugarhouse to support them! You can find a sugarhouse near you by visiting the Maine Maple Producers Association's website.

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