Nothin' would be finer, than to eat at this iconic Maine diner!

Going to a fancy dinner, or pigging out on some fast food can be fun, but sometimes all you crave is a good old-fashioned, no nonsense diner meal, one where you can sit right at the counter.

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When it came down to choosing the best diners in each state (that is a job I'd like!) whittling it down to just one in Maine, could not have been an easy task, but when the dust settled, one destination stood aboove the rest.

Becky’s Diner, Portland

Housed in a waterfront cottage, on Commercial Street in Portland's Old Port, Becky’s Diner serves breakfast all day, but strap on the feed bag, because the dishes are hearty to say the least.

They go way beyond just breakfast however. There are lots of seafood options, burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads & more.

Becky Rand, opened Becky’s Diner, on March 13, 1991, right in the heart of Portland’s working waterfront district. I recall spending many a morning eating breakfast there in the 90's, after a youthful night of enjoying the bar scene in the Old Port, and I can tell you, they are top notch.

They make it a point to use only the freshest ingredients and the best locally sourced seafood available, and are thankful for their proximity to the hard working fisherman and lobsterman of Portland and surrounding communities.

Becky's is so good, they were featured on Guy Fieri Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!

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